Playing Music

Your WellBe smart speaker is ready to play music as soon as you register the device. 

You can take advantage of our partnership with iHeartRADIO to enjoy free streaming music 24/7. All you need is your voice. 

iHeartRADIO brings you radio stations from around the country featuring a wide variety of music. To play music, just say "Ok WellBe" followed by one of these commands:

To play a genre of music:

Ok WellBe, play a [genre] station. For example, Ok WellBe, play a folk music station or OK WellBe, play a classical station. 

To play a specific station:

Ok WellBe, play the radio station [call letters]. For example, Ok WellBe, play the radio station WMMR. Please note that not all radio stations are available via iHeartRADIO. 

To play stations near you:

Ok WellBe, play a [genre] station near me. For example, Ok WellBe, play a classic rock station near me.

If you want to be able to listen to specific songs, artists, or albums you can link your Spotify Premium account using the WellBe Virtual Assistant app. Just log in to the app and navigate to Main Menu>Entertainment > Music. 

To listen to a specific artist:

Ok WellBe, play [artist name].

To listen to a specific album or song:

Ok WellBe, play [album] by [artist] or Ok WellBe, play [song] by [artist].

To listen to a playlist:

Ok WellBe, play [playlist name] playlist.  For example, "Ok WellBe, play My Daily Mix playlist."

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