WellBe Watch Setup Troubleshooting

No Activation Code

In order to register your WellBe Watch you will need an activation code. To get an activation code, tap the START button on the watch. 

If you see this message The Internet connection appears to be offline. Please try again. please do the following:

1. Confirm you have purchased a subscription. After you purchase a subscription, please wait 30 minutes before trying to get a code. 

2. Restart the watch by pressing and holding the button on the right until you see a screen with four icons. Tap the REBOOT icon. 

3. If after rebooting you still can't get an activation code, check and make sure airplane mode isn't on. Tap the gear icon in the top left to view setting. Then tap AIRPLANE MODE. On the next screen, if it says "airplane mode enabled" tap the blue switch to turn airplane mode off. 

4. If you still cannot get an activation code, please contact customer support at support@handsfreehealth.com

No Serial Number

In order to purchase a subscription for your WellBe Watch, you will need the watch's serial number. This can be found on a sticker on the side of the watch box. The serial number starts with 230W or 230R and ends with H. If you cannot find the serial number or it isn't legible please contact customer support at support@handsfreehealth.com

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