Adding a Medication

Adding a Medication

  1. From the main menu (top left corner with 3 bars), tap "My Health" and then tap "Medications."
  2. Add a medication by tapping the (+) icon at the bottom right of the screen (Best to have pill bottles available to obtain Medication Name, Dosage, Frequency, Refills, Refill Expiration Date, and Number of Pills.
  3. Search by the name of the medication and select the correct medication by tapping the (+) icon to the right of the medication name. 

  4. Choose the correct product and be certain to match the dosage. Some Medications provide a basic image to show shape and color to help in the selection process.

  5. If this medication was prescribed by a provider press “Yes.” If it was not, press“No” and skip ahead to Step 8.   

  6. If the answer to step 5 was “Yes”, then select the correct Doctor and Pharmacy for this prescription. Once these are filled out, tap “Continue.” Y

  7. Answer the prompted questions about the medication such as the Rx number and the number of pills in the prescription. If a non-maintenance medication does not have a refill, then slide the button on the Refill Reminder to the right to turn off reminders. Once these all the information is entered tap “Continue.”

  8. Input the following information: Frequency, Quantity, Times Per Day, and Reminder Time(s). Once these are filled out tap “Continue.”

  9. Input a start and end date (end date is optional). Once these are filled out tap “Continue.”   

  10. Select the desired reminder time to take the medication.  A medication reminder can have its own time or be added to a group (Morning, Midday, etc). Select whether you want the medication to be added to a medication group or kept as a separate reminder and then tap “Continue.”
  11. Verify the medication and prescription information and then tap “Save and Add Another Medication” or “Save Medication and Close.”

  12. If selecting “Save and Add Another Medication”, go through steps 1-12 until all medications are added.

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