WellBe Smart Speaker Setup

WellBe Smart Speaker Setup

1. Use the supplied power cord to plug the WellBe device into an outlet

2. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until lights come on. (WellBe will take approx 1 minute to turn on)

3. Download the Wellbe Virtual Assistant App form the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

4. Create an account with the WellBe Virtual Assistant App

5. Once the red light is on, press and hold the action button (looks like a lightning bolt) on the top of the device until WellBe says "Device registration has started..." (approx 5 seconds)

6. WellBe will speak your Activation Code (approx 20 seconds). Enter this code on the "Setup" screen of the app and press "continue" to complete the device registration. 

If your WellBe device does not speak an activation code, you can set up using Bluetooth. 

7. WellBe will confirm the device is registered and restart automatically. (restart takes up to 1 minute)

8. WellBe will greet you with a "Hello" when ready to use.

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